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Avenue du Casino 32, Ch-1820 Montreux
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Welcome to La Brasserie !

In this relaxed atmosphere, I suggest you to discover the dishes from the menu you are currently holding and that I have developed for you. I make it a point of honor to use fresh and seasonal products in my kitchen and bring the best out of them, through the delicate and precise work of my team.

From Monday to Saturday midday I also suggest a choice of 2 dishes a day. We shall host you in this new setting with slight retro accents and an opening towards the main avenue.

Antonin Guex, Executive Chef

La brasserie

The menu


Salads :

  • Green salad 9.-
  • Mixed salad 12.-
  • Salade d'asperges vertes et grana padano 18.-
  • Spring salad, breaded tomme Vaudoise cheese 19.-
  • Chicken or shrimp Caesar salad 20.-

Cold starters :

  • Marinated salmon with citruses and spring vegetables 20.-
  • Beef carpaccio 22.-
  • Féra tartar, leek, vinaigrette and grilled baguette 22.-
  • Spicy shrimps, avocado and asparagus 22.-
  • Foie gras terrine with pistachio, mango chutney 26.-

Hot starters :

  • Green asparagus cream with roasted seeds 12.-
  • Gratin snails with “ Café de Paris ” butter 6pcs 15.- 12pcs 22.-
  • Fish soup with croutons and rouille 19.-
  • Octopus with grilled new potatoes, olives and rocket 21.-
  • Foie gras sautéed with apples and pear confit 28.-

Sea food dishes :

  • Moqueca and basmati rice 36.-
  • Cod filet, chorizo emulsion, stir-fryed calamari and green lentils 38.-
  • Poached sea bream, artichoke and fennel 34.-
  • Roasted sea bass filet, saffron sauce, green vegetables and potatoes with herbs 38.-
  • Venere black rice with shrimps and calamari 39.-
  • Monkfish medallions with red curry 40.-

Meat dishes :

  • Beef tartar and fries 34.-
  • Yellow chicken breast with green asparagus and hash browns 39.-
  • Lamb knuckle confit and chickpeas semolina 39.-
  • Stroganoff beef tenderloin 42.-
  • Sliced veal Zurich style and roesti 41.-
  • Viennese veal escalope or grilled, homemade French fries and green salad 44.-
  • Swiss dry aged beef entrecôte, café de Paris and french fries 46.-
  • Beef tenderloin steak with bearnaise sauce 46.-

Pasta dishes :

  • Risotto with chard, lemon confit and ricotta cheese 25.-
  • Macaroni gratin with smoked bacon, dry mushrooms and Jaman cheese 26.-
  • Orecchiette with broccoli, garlic, anchovies and breadcrumbs 26.-

Vegetarian dishes :

  • Lentil dahl with butternut pumpkin, coco milk and coriander 25.-
  • Chickpeas and quinoa cakes, spinach and basmati rice 26.-
  • Vegetables cutlet 26.-

Helvetie Burger 25.-

Kids' corner (6-12 y/o)

All dishes come served with home made french fries and vegetables, syrup and an ice-cream scoop
  • Grilled chicken 12.-
  • Beef entrecote 12.-
  • Fish filets 12.-


  • Chocolate sticks, praline and passion cream 12.-
  • Pistacchio and strawberry with verbena cake 12.-
  • Roasted pear, crème brulée and sorbet 12.-
  • Selection of Swiss cheese 14.-

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La brasserie


La Brasserie j5

Avenue du Casino 32, Ch-1820 Montreux
+41 21 966 77 55 - info(at)

Exceptionally closed on Monday the 11th of April from 15h00

Open 7/7 from 8.30am to 11pm
Non-stop kitchen from 11am to 11pm


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